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Geyser Problems

Your geyser accounts for almost half of your total electricity bill and the chances are that it is not operating at its best. The most common problems are that the geyser was not installed correctly and that one of the components is faulty.

Common Geyser Problems

Most often home owners are oblivious to the fact that their geyser is faulty and contributing heavily to excessive electricity and water consumption.

Check these common geyser problems:

  • Overheating
  • Dripping overflow pipe
  • Poor water pressure
  • Hot water not hot enough

Unfortunately many of these problems build up over time so you actually don't notice them until it's too late. If you suspect that you have a problem give us a call we do it all....Martin 0825531379


  • Water heating contributes to 40% to 50% of your monthly electricity consumption
  • Solar water heater can reduce your water heating costs by as much as 90%, resulting in an immediate reduction in your monthly electricity costs.
  • The rebate system offers cash back on the purchase of solar water heaters. Homeowners can received an Eskom rebate of R4 917 on a 300 litre solar water heater.
  • Most solar water heaters have a backup element for periods of low solar radiation, providing hot water no matter what the weather
  • South Africa has a very high radiation rate, giving us the ideal climate for solar water heating. During periods of load shedding, households with solar water heaters have constant hot water.
  • The state of the earth's atmosphere is a hot topic these days. Consumers are more aware of how their day-to-day activities are detrimental to the environment.
  • Generating electricity results in enormous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Using solar water heaters reduces the amount of electricity used and therefore the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. A 300-litre solar water heater can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 11.01 tonnes per month.

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